BeninvesTRE SRL

Via Puccinotti, 56 - 50129 - Firenze - Firenze
Телефон (включая международный код): +39 055 5520999
BeninvesTRE SRL

We are a team of professional agents that works in compliance with the law of the sector, appointed by the customers, using clear and transparent forms, in compliance with the Italian ans European legislation (law39/89). For the promotion we use national and international portals, campaign for each property. Unlike other competitors we work on specific niches that represent our core business and not on the mass of the properties on the market, so we differentiate our work beginning from the choice of the properties and the clientele. We are Market Oriented, so we look for the properties with perfect characteristics for our customers, qualifying our behaviour, placing the customer at the centre of the focus. This means selecting our product, but we are pleased of that because we consider useful and crucial to focus our expertise in a Customer-Professional relationship that can satisfy both of us, leaving to the competitors the rest of the real estate field and the customers (that give their property to more than one agency ot that can't guarantee the quality of their property) that are far from our way to conceive a true and profitable partnership. We don't work for free and we suggest you to be suspicious of who does it because each well done job should have a right reward. We take on the risk of the investments relating the promotion and communication. We work everyday to be always the best.   

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