Le case del Lago

Via Roma, 47 - 22020 - Nesso - Como
Телефон (включая международный код): +39 031 8365310
Мобильный телефон +39 339 3382713
Fax: +39 031 8365310
Le case del Lago


Le Case del Lago is managed directly by the owner who, thanks to a real and proven thirty-year experience, is always available for a professional meeting, discreet and without commitment to offer a fair assessment of your property or a consultation to calmly deal with a real estate purchase. Great importance is given to the territory on which we are rooted, enhancing the characteristic properties that form the historical core of the Lariano Triangle. The constant presence on the territory allows to guarantee real surveys and assessments of the buildings, selected with prices adhering to the market to optimize the sale and treated with the same competence, whether they are the simple rustic to renovate, the typical or the single house, the apartment or prestige property. Every property in fact is guaranteed by us and provided with complete documentation for a peaceful purchase without risk of subsequent surprises. Acquired exclusively, you will not find our properties at different prices or conditions with other intermediaries at the expense of seriousness and professionalism.


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