Особняк 3 Спальни, 200 m²

Код: 1059-97

  • Цена: € 590.000
  • Состояние: Полностью отреставрировано/Жилое
  • Жилая площадь: 200 m²
  • Класс энергоэффективности: G
  • Спальни: 3
  • Ванные комнаты: 3
  • Сад: 400 m²
  • Земля: 40000 m²
  • Подвал
Расстояние от:
  • Аэропорт:
  • Roma FCO: 54 Km
  • Roma CIA: 68 Km
  • Perugia PEG: 101 Km
  • Isola D´Elba EBA: 158 Km
  • Barbarano Romano
    Beautiful property between Maremma and Cimino, Tarquinia and Bracciano

    In the heart of Etruria, in an area rich in historical evidences - from the Bronze Age to the Etruscans, up to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance - known for its natural resources - mostly all hazels and olive trees - in a hilly and panoramic hilly area, little resurrection more than twenty years ago the villa.
    This is an "author" building in an area with an agricultural vocation scattered with very few local houses: the Italian architect Elio Di Franco has designed an essential and elegantly modern structure, in full coherence with traditions, focused on the use of typical materials of places.

    The protagonists are the tuff excavated in the area, which characterizes the entire Etruscan civilization, the travertine - it belongs to the entire ancient and modern Roman area; the mighty roof trusses, typical of rural houses, dominate everything.

    The materials were arranged according to a design that creates a texture of the walls and the floor, with a horizontal motif with elongated rectangles, continuous and not offset. Doors and large windows respond at the same pace. The same plant of the property is an elongated rectangle, almost a loft in which the rooms dialogue in continuity between them and especially with the outside.

    The arrival at home is like a narration that runs along the driveway, welcomes you in the large patio, continues with two corridors between which the large kitchen is open and leads to the salon; in the end, among theatrical scenes, it is the atrium of the sleeping area, with bedrooms and bathrooms.

    A ramp and a staircase, both in tuff and decorated with plants, descend downstairs, where there is the guest apartment, the technical rooms, and the saddlery. The house is located in the middle of an area extraordinarily suitable for riding because it is not polluted and you can ride (or walk) for hours without meeting networks or enclosures that cross the Mart
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