Сельскохозяйственный участок, 2946 m²

Код: 8685

  • Цена: € 14.000
  • Состояние: Новый
  • Жилая площадь: 2946 m²
  • Класс энергоэффективности: NA
  • Оценка потребления энергии: 0.00
  • Земля: 2946 m²
Расстояние от:
  • Аэропорт:
  • Bologna BLQ: 32 Km
  • Parma PMF: 53 Km
  • Verona VRN: 84 Km
  • Firenze FLR: 96 Km
Subject of this sale is the share of some land. The housing units are located in Modena (MO), with access on via Scartazza 19. The context is of the outskirts, quiet and with little traffic. The area is urbanized, characterized by residential and tertiary structures, as well as agricultural land, well connected to the nearby center of Modena from the Via Emilia. The plot covers a land area of ​​2946 square meters. It consists of three lots of regularly shaped agricultural land, developed on a flat fenced area with access by paved road and driveway closed by a gate, which is also the object of the present sale. The lot is partly used as a lawn to serve the nearby residential units, partly used as a parking lot, and partly covered by tall trees. There are also two small wooden deposits. The buildings are stacked but one (parcel 98) is abusive and will have to be removed. The buildings are free and are generally in a good state of maintenance and conservation.Cadastral area: 2946 sqmFARMLANDPaved road: 387 sqmParking area: 408 sqmPrato: 463 square metersBoschetto: 1688 square metersAPPLIANCESTwo deposits: 59 sqmBoschetto (CT): Sheet 211 - Particle 116 (share 1/1 full ownership)Green (CT): Sheet 211 - Particle 103 (share 1/2 full ownership)Boschetto (CT): Sheet 211 - Particle 115 (share 1/3 full ownership)Carrabile (CT): Sheet 211 - Particles 64 and 102 (share 35/81 full ownership)Deposits (CF): Sheet 211 - Particles 97 and 98 - C / 2 (share 1/3 full ownership)
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