Строительный участок, 48245 m²

Код: 4798

  • Цена: € 570.315
  • Состояние: Новый
  • Жилая площадь: 48245 m²
  • Класс энергоэффективности: NA
  • Оценка потребления энергии: 0.00
  • Земля: 48245 m²
Расстояние от:
  • Аэропорты:
  • Perugia PEG: 71 Km
  • Roma FCO: 75 Km
  • Roma CIA: 75 Km
  • Pescara PSR: 148 Km
Subject of this sale is a land located in Orte (VT), in Casale Marchese. The area is destined for productive activity, located near the junction of the A1 motorway. The land is flat, bordered to the south and west by the Tiber River, to the east by the Orte interport and to the north by other agricultural land; to the north is crossed by an overpass of the Viterbo-Orte highway that does not interrupt the continuity of the property. Currently access is not easy but, it will be as soon as the road works planned by P.R.G.A portion of the lot falls into the D2 / a area, ie "Zone destined to new industrial settlements of small and medium size", where small and medium-sized industries connected to agricultural processing are allowed. There is the obligation to draft the public initiative implementation plan. In this area the territorial manufacturability index is 1.34 m3 / sqm. The other part of the area falls in zone E1, ie areas with predominant agricultural vocation. Considering the buffer zone from the Tiber River and the distances from the borders, the land has a building capacity that can not be built on site but can be transferred to another site.Property identified in an appraisal attached to "Lot 9".
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