Многоквартирный дом, 4956 m²

Код: 9351

  • Цена: € 640.000
  • Состояние: Частично реставрировать
  • Жилая площадь: 4956 m²
  • Класс энергоэффективности: NA
  • Оценка потребления энергии: 0.00
Расстояние от:
  • Аэропорты:
  • Ancona AOI: 25 Km
  • Perugia PEG: 65 Km
  • Rimini RMI: 69 Km
  • Pescara PSR: 148 Km
The subject of this sale is a building under construction. The real estate unit is located in Castelplanio (AN), located in Macine-Borgo Loreto, with access on via Dante Alighieri. The context is hilly, semi-central and urbanized, characterized by residential buildings, craft and tertiary activities, and sports facilities. The country is well connected to the main urban centers of the area by the Strada Statale 76.The building consists of a single elongated body developed on four floors above ground as well as an underground one. All served by four stairwells with elevators. Reinforced concrete structure, masonry cladding with external cladding, brick and concrete floors and wooden roof with brick tiles. The construction works started in 2009 but were then stopped. Today the state of the building is unfinished. There are no internal and external finishes, technological systems and completion of the connections to the users. Underground garages and vehicle ramp not yet built. Present excavation excavation. The subdivision plan involved the construction of 25 apartments with the possibility of allocating part of the ground floor to craft and tertiary activities. There are remediable differences by renewing the building permit, with subsequent presentation of a variation during construction. The property is free and is in a state of neglect with a construction site fence.Commercial area: 4956 m2RAW BUILDINGCadastral area: 2718 square metersBuilding volume: 8750 cubic meters above groundApartment house for 25 apartmentsZone C-1, residential tertiary expansionBuilding under construction (CF): Sheet 17 - Particle 1052 - F / 3
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